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Become a Supporter of the Performing Arts

Proceeds raised from our productions fund the Ivy Adler Scholarship which provides financial assistance for students who are studying the performing arts.

Last year was a very successful year and we awarded six scholarships to deserving applicants, totaling $5,500 - we aim to outdo ourselves this year!

Every year, Defiance has worked with its community supporters to sponsor this large production and to turn imagination into reality. We have several options
for you to become involved or you can make your donation for any amount that you feel comfortable.

All sponsorships are tax deductible as we are 501(c)(3) non-profit. There are lots of opportunities for exposure and Defiance has a proven track record. Plus,
there are great perks to accompany each level of sponsorship. Decide what kind of impact you would prefer and what level of sponsorship would best suit you.

If you would like to be involved in another way, please contact us. There are always opportunities to volunteer
and supplies needed. We appreciate your involvement in all capacities. This is truly an inspiring community. We are happy to have served as your community theatre for over 40 years!

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